Hi! I'm Olga and I love helping people to grow and become happy

coaching with me

  • Clear action plan how to achieve your dream goal
  • Conversations that change your life
  • Customized plan for each client
  • Online or face to face sessions
  • Coaching/counselling in English, French and Russian
  • Atmosphere of safety,  acceptance, confidentiality and trust
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You NEED coachING if

... you are a results-oriented person who is willing to improve your life and take actions on:

  • Building a successful career
  • Reducing stress and preventing a burn-out
  • Finding a new job
  • Increasing your income
  • Improving communications at work
  • Resolving conflicts with your team
  • Transitioning into a new career path
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Achieving a good work-life balance
  • Working on a better time-management
  • ...and simply becoming happier, whatever happiness means to you!


Career coaching

Feeling stuck, lost and stressed at work? Searching for a job? Trying to figure out how to increase your income or transition into a new career path? Discover your true potential in your career and become happier at work.

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Stress management counselling

Are you overwhelmed, anxious and stressed at your workplace? Feeling ashamed and scared to seek help? Take action now, to avoid the painful consequences of a burn-out.

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External coach for organizations

Is your staff having difficulties in communication? Willing to optimize your employees' teamwork?  Do you want people to grow within your organization? Learn the benefits of external coaching for your company.

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Expat coaching

Trying to settle down in another foreign country? Feeling isolated, lonely and home-sick? Find peace of mind, learn how to cope with your new life and get familiar with a new setting.

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I give you two tools

 "A mirror"

To increase awareness and see facts clearly

  "A lantern"

To highlight what is hidden and where you need to go


"Olga her practical and open approach, made me understand how to do things differently and increase my confidence needed to improve the situation I was in.
From the moment we first met till the last, Olga set the basis for trust and respect like it comes naturally. Thank you for your help and support and we might meet again!"

Ester S

"The result is brilliant. I sorted out and put everything on the shelves, separated the problems from the superfluous, set myself absolutely clear goals, without water and unnecessary details. I realized that my problems were not so massive and heavy. I started to set clear expectations step by step and it put things in order in my head and in life. It was like a great discovery to me."

Alina K

"What can I say about Olga’s coaching but utter gratefulness to have used her coaching in my journey here in NL.
Through my chaotic and demanding situation as an expat, I have learned to align my goals and tasks and build happiness and stability.
Her genuine warmth and focus along with her sensibility, has made my objectives clear and possible to obtain.
I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs that extra help with a personal touch."

Matthew R