Coaching for expats

When we are planning to move abroad it sounds like a big, exciting adventure, but after we settle down in a new country, reality sets in. We can be in for a big shock.

  • We don't speak the language
  • We don't understand how the public system works
  • We have troubles connecting with the locals
  • We are lonely and can't find friends
  • We feel left-out, home sick, frustrated and isolated

 As a result, we can feel as though we have lost our identity and need to start everything from scratch.

I have been there and know exactly how it feels! As a former expat, I went through a tough integration in The Netherlands. I moved from a big megapolis into a tiny Dutch town and I struggled a lot to find my place, both physically and mentally. At some point, I was so hopeless that I almost decided to go back. But finally, I have learned how to love this country and make it my second home. 

And if I could, you can as well! I'm here to help you find your own way in the country of tulips, flat landscapes and direct communication)).

Through coaching for expats you will:

  • Re-discover yourself and your potential 
  • Become more familiar with your new setting
  • Find your place in your new country 
  • Achieve peace of mind and sense of balance in life
  • Adopt an enterprising mindset

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