Coaching came to our life from sport. It turned out that techniques guiding athletes towards top performance can also be used to achieve personal and business goals. Coaching is based on inviting a positive mindset and on the belief that you already have everything needed in order to achieve your goal. 

That is the main difference between coaching and psychology and psychotherapy, where the focus is more on the past, i.e. on treating old problems and issues. In contrast, coaching is oriented at the future. It is about how to get you from point A (where you are now) to point Z (where you would like to be). You don't need to get stuck in the past. Instead, you will look forward and transform your obstacles into new opportunities. 

Together, we will discover your own resources and bring them to life. By asking the right questions and using customized techniques, I will help you determine your true goal and create your own, unique path towards the desired result.